Providing efficient, high-quality support to our customers

Our strengths are not only in consulting – based on your request, we implement the proposed solutions directly in your office premises or temporarily complement your team in case of high workload or unexpected loss of employees.

  • Provision of manpower – temporary engagements as chief financial officer (CFO), controller, accountant etc.
  • Support with the implementation or transition of a new accounting standard (Swiss Code of Obligation, Swiss Gaap FER and International Financial Reporting Standards “IFRS”)
  • Consolidation – preparation of consolidated financial statements including notes, reporting package (development and implementation)
  • Internal management reporting to the parent company
  • Implementation of internal control systems ("ICS") and ongoing process updates
Strategy and Business Management
  • Business analysis and strategy development
  • Preparation of business plans
  • Financial consultancy, liquidity planning, budgeting
Valuations and Analysis
  • Company valuation
  • Due diligence
  • Preparation of advisory opinions (e.g. ascertainment of damage in a third party liability, proprietary disputes in terms of divorce and distribution of assets and legal estates)
Publicly Traded Companies - Support in Terms of Financial Transactions
  • Initial public offering “IPO”
  • Assisting in the preparation of prospectus for share capital increases, the issuance of listed bonds or convertible bonds
  • Support in terms of acquisitions or divestments

SIX Swiss Exchange

 Support and execution of issuer reporting requirements:
  • Regulatory reporting requirements
  • Ad-hoc publicity
  • Accounting
  • Corporate Governance
  • Disclosure of major shareholders
  • Reporting of management transactions
  • Issuer reporting

Preparation and Execution of Succession Plan
Financial Restructuring, Merger & Acquisitions, Operational Restructuring
Granting of Domicile
Fiscal representation
  • Fiscal representation of foreign companies and support in their business activities in Switzerland

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